The First Day

Sharing a HUGE leap of faith today #ontheblog. Dreams do come true, but they can be pretty scary. #trustwithoutborders

I was NOT emotional this morning of the first day of school until I heard "Oceans" by Hillsong. And emotional may be a little extreme. I wasn't sobbing or even crying but I was overcome with tremendous gratitude. I was overcome with God's absolute goodness. I already knew my IG post would read: Hearing the excitement in my little man's voice when he realized I would pick him up from school and we would get to come HOME made the leap of faith worth it. I couldn't understand this summer when ... [Continue Reading]

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar

photo 1-8

Happy Thursday! You know we love a good pallet project over here at the Yellow House and today's pallet bar is no different! One day, I literally walked outside and Russ was drilling this into the deck. How do I know he's the best, though? ... [Continue Reading]

Authenticity {Busyness}


 6 “Surely everyone goes around like a mere phantom; in vain they rush about, heaping up wealth without knowing whose it will finally be. Psalm 39:6 As I read The Very Busy Spider a few nights ago as the boys fell asleep, I couldn't help but ... [Continue Reading]

This Time

Happy Friday!! I actually blogged! Not about my living room but offered some more details into our lives and our little surprise. ;)

Hey, friends! I am so grateful for you! Truly! It means so much to share this space with you and be able to encourage each other and see growth among so many areas of our lives. Thank you SO much for your kind words and excitement about our ... [Continue Reading]


Third Child Announcement

So if you're wondering why things have been so quiet around here.... Surprise (yes, a huge surprise!)! Coming November 28, 2015 to the Tysl family... More details to come about this whole story ASAP. Happy Wednesday, friends! PS Can you head ... [Continue Reading]

The Littlest Pog


Good morning! I am SO excited (I'm pretty sure I start every post like that which hopefully tells you that I kind of love this writing thing...) to share with you my friend's Etsy shop! Randi and I met through our husbands. Andy, Randi's ... [Continue Reading]