White Dream Kitchen Series {On a $5K Budget}-Part 3

Today is part 3 of our kitchen series!

We have cabinets! Because we were on such a tight budget, we HAD to use unfinished cabinets as they were the absolute cheapest we could find (don’t you worry, of course, I checked my favorite thrift stores weekly for cabinets and came pretty close one time but they didn’t quite fit!) This post is picture heavy (with an iPhone) because there aren’t a ton of details to share….

You may remember last week, I shared that we put paper on the floor to actually do the layout. Russ drew it over and over and we printed off measurements so we knew exactly what we were buying. I knew I wanted a huge island and actually envisioned it going the other way but it didn’t leave enough room to walk through and in the end, it was too far away from the sink.

photo 2

photo 3

My contractor and Russ actually added the pretty ends to make our oven look built in since my dream of a double oven also went out the window….

photo 1

These pendants are actually only $49 from Lowe’s! I imagined HUGE pendants but they were $150 for ONE so that didn’t fit in the budget either…

photo 2

The little chandelier is also from Lowe’s…it had little pink beads on it but we just didn’t add those.
photo 1

photo 4


photo 1-2

(Notice all of the cabinets unfinished as they are installed. We took the doors off and since our contractor had a sprayer, we took them all outside and they sprayed the doors and brushed the bases.)

At this point in the game, we thought we were doing great with our cabinets running around $1,200 and decided to order recycled countertops.

HA! That was MORE than all of our cabinets combined! There was just no way. So we went back to Lowe’s and placed an order for literally the cheapest countertops they sold: Formica Laminate…for $400.

I was so unsure about the finish and Russ talked me into the marble….and I’m so glad he did. People walk in and literally, cannot tell the difference.


(Please ignore the cilantro and tag on the basket. K? Thanks!)

The butcher block island base (the top is actually two pieces found here from Lumber Liquidators) is also made from our stock cabinets. BUT, because my contractor felt sorry for me because he had never worked on such a tight budget, I came over one day, and he had added a panel on one end and a bookcase like I had showed him a gazillion times on the other!

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

I debated for WEEKS but I knew I wanted dark, dark finish in the middle so that’s what we went with for with the island. I loved the natural blonde maple but knew once we put a finish over it, it would be more yellow than what I originally envisioned.

Of course, my dad finished it because he makes things pretty so well.

White Kitchen

Next week we are in the home stretch and I will share our open shelves and window treatments and hopefully, a full reveal! See you then!

Your Designs This Time No. 27

Hey y’all! It actually felt like fall down here in the South yesterday with temperatures around the 70s! Can you believe it!?!

I somewhat decorated my porch for fall and can’t wait to show you! But today is about you! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

You may notice we are missing Sara and Hanna this week. But you may have seen their amazing skirts! They have decided to devote more time to focusing on one area instead of being pulled in twelve directions (TOTALLY understandable and COMMENDABLE!)! How often should we all do that…it’s so hard to say no but it’s so important to find your Best Yes! We will surely miss them!

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YDTT No 27

Little House Of Four
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The Features

This home-office/craft-room is amazing! Chic California did an awesome job.


The Vintage Peacock transformed this dresser from drab to fab. You should head on over and check out the before picture.


These colorful little animal heads from Delineate Your Dwelling are to die for, but not literally. They are made out of clay. So cute!


Meet The B’s has the perfect idea for a gift for you to take to your next housewarming party! This succulent planter is stunning.


This crock pot carnitas recipe from Cupcakes and Crowbars looks delicious. Mmmm!


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DIY Bench

The story of my almost ENTIRELY thrifted dining room continues as I slowly find more pieces to complete the space! One of my favorite projects we’ve done is our picnic bench turned…well, bench!

I have been searching for a church pew FOREVER. I really wanted one at our dining room table. Russ coaches basketball and I imagine all those players over for dinner not having anywhere to sit. With that said, I’m not sure their six foot selves could fit on the bench he made, but we love it, regardless!

All summer, I went to my favorite thrift store once a week looking for a pew, I even called a few times when I knew I couldn’t go! I looked on Craigslist. My sister-in-law looked on Craigslist. Everyone was on the lookout. Unfortunately, I had no luck. Then, one day, I was leaving Haven of Rest (my favorite) and spotted a cool picnic table (with wheels!)  and two unattached benches.


I remembered Ashley and Jamin’s (you know, since we’re on a first name basis!) and immediately thought this could work in my dining room.


You can the parts and how roughly I painted it. I didn’t have enough white paint to cover the entire bench and I wanted an old farmhouse look anyway!



This really was a simple project! Russ has finally stopped questioning when I bring random items home and just sighs before he asks what he needs to do. Bless that man.


He took the top off of one bench (because it was two benches), used the leftover parts and drilled it onto the other to make a back!




IMG_7053You can see my yard sale buffet/vanity my friend picked up that I painted last weekend! Can’t wait to share it with y’all!

What do you think? Too rough? Just right? My boys love it so for them it’s a winner!

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